To make personal and organizational change happen, it requires one to have awareness followed by action of the new learning 


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 "An invaluable colleague and thinking partner, grounded, generous, unflappable and unswervingly loyal, Kanchan is a joy to work with. She is a clear, insightful and talented coach and leadership consultant." 

Professionalism and Experience


Tammy Tawadros

Coaching+OD Associate 
Ashridge Business School & Cass Centre for Charity Effectiveness

Kanchan focuses her coaching on

Kanchan focuses her coaching on:

Leadership Legacy

Self as Leader

Strengthscope (TM)

Immunity to Change (TM)


Building Resilience


Team Development

Communication Skills

Strategic Development

Career Development 



I believe a key leadership question is "What am I committed to? ".  If we are unclear, it is important to understand the situation as it reveals the commitments.  One's daily actions support exactly where you/your company is at this moment. As a thought partner, I help serve by uncovering and supporting your wiser self.  This includes asking powerful rooted questions to support movement.   Executive coaching is completed through a holistic approach as I believe it is critical to lead ourselves first prior to engaging others.   

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